Just like every year, we gear up for BIOFACH 2018! The most awaited trade-fair for organic suppliers across the country. BIOFACH has provided a huge platform for organic producers world-wide. This fair can precisely be called an organic idea or concept promotion.

The world is gradually coming in support of the organic produce & why not, there are tremendous health benefits of organic consumption. It is because of exhibitions like these that Shivam Enterprises & many organic

suppliers from the world are further motivated to produce & sell organic products!

With the same quest in mind Shivam Enterprises started its organic journey in 1994. Initially, organic was not a food trend & there was market resistance to this concept as it was time consuming as well as viewed as not so cost effective. However, with the passing years & trade-fairs like BIOFACH – Organic is the current wave!

• We meet like-minded consumers who are well aware on the importance of quality.
• We can understand the consumer psychology & the market demand for organic produce.
• It helps build a market for our products & gives us an overview of trending products & manufacturing practices.
• A consumer is a mirror of your image! The biggest platform to meet organic consumers & existing clients- helps
strengthen our relationship.
• We can showcase our developments & implementation of suggestions.
• A sure growth platform.

What Shivam Enterprsies Will Offer In 2018?

We vouch to meet you at the fair & like every year we come up with better options for our endeavour together. Just the same this year we have our two processing plants working at their full capacity & abiding the quality norms that we bear as our mission.

Shivam Enterprises established its second factory  in 2017 & this year we have it working efficiently. This state-of-the art processing unit has three classifiers, Aspiration channels, High end destoner, S+S German technology Metal detector & A3 Optical Sortex Machine by Buhler.

All of this to achieve the best quality produce & more. We are also in the process of getting BRC certified! Yes you read it right, this year we have a target audience of not just the Wholesale consumers, but also for the retail consumers. We would like to spread the organic trend & so we welcome all the retailers & seekers of BRC standards.
To add another new aspect we have more organic produce to offer. This year the Indian government has lifted the ban on exports of Organic Pulses, beans & lentils. We have also ventured in the pulses & lentil world & added them to our organic scope. We look forward to become your approved supplier for organic pulses, beans & lentils.

Shivam Enterprises appreciates the support we have received from all our clients & brought us this far in our journey in the organic world! Look forward to meet & greet you personally at the trade-fair & hope to build many long-lasting relationships with many like-minded consumers in 2018!