Hello All, Shivam Enterprises, the leading manufacturer and exporter of, organic & Conventional seeds and spices will be participating in the ‘WorldFood’ from 11th September through 14th September 2017″.

It has been declared that Shivam Enterprises will participate in the World Food Exhibition between 11 – 14 September 2017. This exhibition will be held in Moscow, Russia which would be focusing on different product sectors such as grocery, frozen foods, canned food, dairy products, meat

and poultry, organic & health food etc. This exhibition will give an opportunity to the exhibitors to showcase some unique food products and give the visitors a hand to knowledge. This will help the visitors to follow a healthy lifestyle.

About Shivam Enterprises

Shivam Enterprises was established in the year 1994 and is one of the leading manufacturers of Organic & Conventional Oil Seeds & Spices. It is one of the few companies who adopt a six tier approach for Total Quality Management (TQM) in the business of manufacturing & spices.

We always believe in developing amiable relations with our clients based on the trust, ethics and mutual understanding with customer satisfaction. The quality of the product provided speaks for all and on the foundation of this; we are apt to build strong business bonds across the world. We are already exporting our world class products to countries like Europe, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. We are also ‘Bio-Suisse certified’ which in turn means that we abide by and fulfill the strict ‘Bio Suisse standards’ to export the organic products in Switzerland.

Shivam Enterprises is participating in this event of WorldFood and let people know the benefits of the organic food products. Being a part of this event will help us to collaborate which some foodies and health freaks around the globe. Some of the organic products that we would be displaying here are: ‘Organic Amaranth Seeds‘, ‘Organic Brown Flax/ Linseed Seeds‘, ‘Organic Psyllium Seeds, Husk & Powder‘, ‘Turmeric‘, ‘Sesame seeds‘, ‘Organic Mustard seeds‘, etc. to name a few.

About WorldFood

The WorldFood exhibition is held at the Expocentre, Moscow, Russia. It’s an exhibition where they have food exhibits from all around the world. This event which is in the upcoming month between 11- 14 September 2017 will give an opportunity to know about the variety of food and food products from all around the globe. It would have around 1,433 companies across 65 countries under one roof. It would have around 28,922 trade visitors from 78 Russian regions and 89 countries.

It would give the visitors a chance to interact with the various exhibitors and gain some knowledge about the food industry. By participating in this event the exhibitors will be able to find a new export route, enter a huge market, cater to Russia’s exotic taste and make profits and save money.

If you are on the hunt of a different and healthy food WorldFood is the place to be. Mark your calendar this September. Being a visitor would give a different chance to interact with producers from the international organic market, which will inspire a better understanding of the latest international trends in this field.